Clinical Skincare, AntiAging & Beauty Products for Women and Men

Terms & Conditions


Any product(s) sold directly at the Facelogix Studio or on its online store is/are 100% fully refundable to the credit card used to purchase the product(s) at the original sale and/or exchangeable or a replacement product(s) as long as the item to be returned is post marked and returned with the safety seal "unopened" within 7 days of the original delivery receipt.  If any product(s) are returned with the safety seal "opened or removed" a partial refund (of purchased price less a 50% open package fee) to the credit card used to purchase the product at the original sale will apply.   The product should contain at least 75% of the product still in the bottle.  Any product returned with less than 75% of the product in tact will result in no refund or no exchanges. 

A written explanation or reason for the return must accompany the product return in question, in order to receive an exchange, full or partial refund for the product(s) being returned.  Skincare and beauty products can also be 100% exchangeable for credit towards a replacement product if the original product sold has an unopened safety seal and has never been used. Any returned product(s) that are compromised, damaged, or used more than 75% will not be exchanged and will be deemed not for sale and discarded.   All opened, compromised, used, or damaged product returns will be discarded in the proper manner for disposal.  This skincare and beauty product policy is put in place for the safety and security of our customers.